A Casa do Concurseiro – Reclame Aqui

The ELL adult student stepped in the works to relationships out omnipresent in area of the student who was absent for their Speaker Graduation Presentation. The student access considering confidence until the word at the approach of the PowerPoint as regards the order of the screen that permission, Cont. The student pronounced the word, ‘C-nt’ (as soon as the u in the center), the roomful of adults and students roared smiling. The perplexed student looked at his audience feeling verbally sloppy. That fiddle once issue happened to me in imitation of a exchange word years ago as soon as I was learning English. I’ve never forgotten that experience. Oh my goodness Casa do Concurseiro é bom!

What happened in this feel?!

Here’s what happened:

Years ago in our English Language we used to sensitivity the word Continued in its grammatical form as Cont’d. With era, some have adopted the abbreviation Cont to intend the word Continued, especially upon PowerPoint Presentations.

Notice that originally there was an apostrophe amid the letters ‘t’ and ‘d’. This indicated that the letters ‘inue’ were together surrounded by the ‘t’ and the ‘d’.

Today we see Cont upon PowerPoint Presentations at workshops, seminars, webinars, professional speaker presentations, and even learned classes. Cont looks as soon as a word, so we have to ask, what happened to the abbreviation?

Understandably the English Language is an evolving entity, however, there are some aspects in its usage that we may be competent to save the semantics of archaic and avoid embarrassing moments for our adult students who are sincerely and amazingly making an effort to save going on.

In summary and grammatically speaking, this grammatical feature of the use Cont’d may be a augmented fit for further marginal note and regulate grammatical use.

So, what will your neighboring PowerPoint Presentation display to your audience?

Krystalina Soash is a freelance writer, published author, and trilingual interpreter. Her published works insert, “Writing Tips for Student Projects and New Freelance Writers”.