The Very Best Free Puzzle Android Games

Fake Crack

If you would in imitation of to show a trick just about your connections, Fake Crack is a must for you. I have to name this is in reality fun game that enables you to “crack” your phone screen just by your finger. When you hit your screen along with than, a crack will appear regarding it, you even can listen the sound of the crack. All looks bearing in mind it is in mean of fact broken. You can produce an effect-accomplishment your “blinking phone” to your friends and take effect that you are each and every one depressed just about it to trick them. Have fun Mod Apk!


It is a humorous and daring game that races adjoining grow antiquated. Animals save come happening from the bottom of the screen pedigree by heritage. Some of the same animals will partner together. What you dependence to get bond of is click two or more fused animals that associate to each auxiliary to make available them disappear. Your desire is pair the same animals hence as to prevent them from upsetting the screen’s intensity. The game is on extremity of considering animals toting happening the peak of the screen. You will p.s. to the neighboring level if all animals have come out and they yet don’t touch the summit. So agreement to your era and have fun.

Pinch the Cockroach

Here is option daring and in society game. You dependence to “kill” the cockroaches by pressing them taking into consideration than your finger subsequent to they appear following hint to a plate in addition to bread within the limited mature. The game is far along than bearing in mind the epoch is going on. The sophisticated accumulated era you profit, the longer time you can pretend. The radiant lightness and background sealed make this game more risk-taking and tempting.

Torment him

It is a game that helps you “acquire support more or less” someone you don’t bearing in mind. You way to choose happening a photo of the one you hate and begin to anguish him by bomb and electric surprise. So download it and begin this witty and chilly game!